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Registered in England No. 2343703

VAT Registration No. 499919164


The Company’s history chronicles a continual period of product development and improvements. In 1973 the prototype of the Miller Filter was constructed in Germany and proven with patents being subsequently granted in Germany, the UK and the USA. The first units were delivered mainly for effluent treatment applications.

By 1976 a fully automatic filter utilizing a system of regeneration and re-use of the filter medium (cloth) was developed and applied in the food processing and metal working industries. This was followed by further developments for application in the pharmaceuticals and metallurgical industries.

Miller Filter GmbH was established in Germany in 1984 and this led to the development of new enclosed filters with endless cloths and full cloth reconditioning facilities. This resulted in several installations in the Swiss/German chemical and pharmaceutical industries between 1984-87.

The Company relocated to the UK in January 1989 and Miller Filter Co Ltd was registered. Product development continued with the design of an enclosed filter suitable for handling more hazardous products. With the installation of such a filter, capable of recovering end product solids, at Glaxochem in Ulverston in 1990 the concept for a new pressure filter was established. The subsequent design and construction of a new 0.5m2 pilot pressure filter in 1991 brought the original basic concept to full maturity by allowing the previously difficult solid/liquids separation duties to be performed with the minimal manual intervention or supervision.

Over recent years the proven designs have been further developed with regard to handling and containment of aggressive and hazardous chemicals and solvents and the application of the latest improved materials of construction. All designs are recorded on CAD systems for easy development for specific design requirements.